A Whole New Hem

For my newest project, I wanted the hem to have a solid stripe around the hem, and of course, bias-binding is the way to get this look:

biashem (22)

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Magic Hem

If you ever wanted a dress without that top stitching to finish off that hem, then this is the tutorial for you!


I love this hem when I am making a garment that I want to have a more elegant look or if I don’t want to wire out the hem too much with a hard stitch.  I sew and invisible hem like this with a cross-stitch by hand. Continue reading

Peek-a-Boo Ruffle

Ruffles!  They are a thing in Lolita.  There are several different kinds of ruffles, but the kind that I am applying to my Caramel Mocha Skirt is a hem ruffle, or a peek-a-boo ruffle.  It’s a small ruffle that comes out from under the hem but is not attached to a lining.

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