It’s Snowing! Spontaneous Photoshoot

This marks “Wear Lolita 5 Times” time #2…

Woke up and had my day canceled because North Carolina people do not know how to life when it snows. But! The beautiful snow meant pretty pictures! So I got dressed as fast a possible and did my face – which didn’t last too long because it was so cold I was crying! – and then we ran outside!

Here are some of the shots my hubby took, with my eyes touched up because my mascara rebelled against me when it realized how cold it was outside.

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Paris by the Sea


I finally got an opportunity to wear my new JSK, Paris by the Sea!

The coordinate consisted of:

JSK: Sweetie Pie; Handmade
Blouse: Forever21
Boots: Vintage
Jacket: Thrifted
Jewelry: Handmade

I was excited to wear this coordinate down to Lake Michigan for a photoshoot on the north pier by the lighthouse!  It was perfect weather and got so many beautiful shots.  Plus, I now have Adobe Lightroom!  So editing them was almost as much fun as taking them (but not quite, not really close but still tons of fun!) Continue reading

The Maiden’s Requiem

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Sweetie Pie makes garments that express your personality, fit your style and show your passions!
Whether you have an idea for a Lolita dress that you wish could be realized, a classical concert featuring your favorite composer or just wish you could have a skirt with the Tardis all over it, Sweetie Pie can make your couture dreams a reality.

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Sweetie Pie is the perfect choice to have your dream Lolita dress, cosplay or special occasion gown made!
Sweetie Pie specializes in custom-designed, custom-fitted, unique, one-of-a-kind garments.
Every one is different and Sweetie Pie wants to help you celebrate your individuality and passions.

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JSK: The Maiden’s Reqiuem
Blouse: Forever21
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Thigh-Highs: SockDreams
Shoes: Forever21
Gloves: Claire’s
Bloomers: Handmade
Petticoat: Classical Puppets

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My husband was an amazing help taking pictures for me and I appreciate his sincerity, diligence and patience!


Nothing happening here really…


I just FINALLY made a new dress.  Married life is busy.  Especially when your husband works at a church.

Anyways, I FINALLY made this dress that I bought fabric for AGES ago and then I had to wait a couple weeks to find an opportunity to wear it!  Life is crazy.  But here is my new dress!


Oh, and that is my BEAUTIFUL new dress form, Ellie!

And we went to see the Hunger Games/Catching Fire Marathon tonight, so I went with black because I wasn’t prepared to go sweet with red or look like Young Mrs. Claus.

DSCN0301 DSCN0302

That’s all.

I have a Belle cosplay and some aprons to finish now!

The Shortest Shirring Tutorial Ever

I got this ADORABLE fabric from JoAnn Fabrics!  I have to go back this week because the coupons are AMAZING.  I got all the materials needed to make a dress for $25!  There is a 50% off, 40% off and 30% TOTAL purchase.  Which is all pretty rad.

Also, I made this dress in a day and now I need things to do.  Because sewing is fun and packing is not.  Also, there isn’t anymore wedding planning I can do until I get some more things in the mail.

So, here is a little tutorial for how I do shirring!  I use channels, which allows me to adjust the elastic if needed.

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Sweetie Pie: Princess Tutu JSK!

sp purple 2

I was recently commissioned to make a Princess Tutu inspired JSK and the outcome was BEAUTIFUL!

The client had been looking for a JSK that was simple, sweet and cute but everything had too many bows, frills and ruffles for what she wanted.  So I gave her several ideas and designs and narrowed down exactly what it was she wanted.  I mocked it up, shopped fabric and then voila!

rachel o (3) rachel o (12)
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