LBC: Your Dream Meet-Up

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Your Dream Meet-Up

I love going to meet-ups and I miss my community in North Carolina SO FREAK’N MUCH!  They are such a wonderful community and it saddens me to be so far away and have the weekends always be so busy that I haven’t been able to meet the community in Wisconsin.

So it certainly seems like a time to dream about magical meet-ups.

I love meet-ups where you do more than just shop or eat food, even though those are still amazingly fun!  I like to have time to talk with my fellow Lolitas while we do something.  One meet-up that really sticks out to me is where we went ice skating!  It was the first meet-up that I hosted and, despite the sometimes windiness, it was very unique and fun.

So with that preface, my dream meet-up wouldn’t be something overly specific, but meet certain criteria: Continue reading


Lolita Carnival Blog: Lolita Wishlist

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What’s Next On Your Lolita Wishlist?

I haven’t been blogging or sewing much lately partially because I’ve had some non-Lolita commissions to work on, but mostly because of this fur-blob of cuteness

1 (1) DSCN2268
Parker the Corgi!  Left picture is when we first got her and right picture is from this week, 3 months old!

But enough about this crazy puppy and onto the LCB topic…

For me, I have two types of wishlists for Lolita: Dream Dresses that are never in my budget and things that I want to sew.  I’m going to focus on the latter category since it is more probable and specific.

The two main specifics I have about the next thing I want to see is:
-Wearable with Lolita or as a “sundress”/without petti

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My first thought is wanting a JSK that is a is double-breasted.  Whether it’s something more militant like the left two, or more vintage like the right photo.


Now that I’m living on the beach, something with a nautical-vintage twist like this dress could also be really fun.  Especially with stripes and this lovely blue color.  I don’t have much like this in my closet.


And my last option is something like this!  I love the polka dots with the print and this back-style.  The tiers would work really nicely without a petti as well.

Short and simple, but there’s a peek inside my sewing-wishlist-brain right now.

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Lolita Blog Carnival: Three Secrets for a New Lolita

This week’s topic is…

Three Secrets for Someone Getting Into Lolita.

Blog break!  I think this is a great topic, because even though most Lolitas would give the exact same advice, when you are looking to start wearing Lolita, hearing the same thing from a bunch of different people really helps boost confidence.  So here are the top three secrets to launch you towards being a cute, frilly Lolita!

Secret One) Read up before you dress up.
You have heard it a million times before, but you need to hear it one more: RESEARCH!  Lolita is a complicated fashion and it is the hubris of many new Lolitas to jump into it before really understanding it.  Of course, the most truly enthusiastic Lolitas will know not only the “rules”, current trends and a complete history, and it’s not a bad idea.  If you can get your hands on a couple Gothic & Lolita Bibles, this will be of great help!  They aren’t called “Bibles” for nothing.  The more you know, the father you’ll go!  There is some weird stuff you may see from time to time that isn’t exactly Lolita-kosher and you want to be able to pick those things out, instead of seeing one Lolita with massive legwarmers and thinking that is a “Lolita thing”.  If you do your research, you’ll know whether or not massive anime legwarmers are actually acceptable.

Secret Two) You need to learn the rules before you can break them.
Yes, it’s true.  The rules are more like guidelines, but that does not make them obsolete!  Basic “rules” would include: modesty (not bare shoulders, cleavage, too much leg, bloomers), silhouette (petticoat) and style (sweet, classic, gothic, etc.).  One a hot summer day, no one is going to judge you for forgoing a blouse or bloomers.  Or you choose a more low-key A-line petti instead of a super cupcake one.  Or you even try something new, like Math Lolita.  Whatever, you get the picture.  And all these things are totally cool to do.  Everyone does it and everyone understands.  But, don’t go too far.  If you can get down a few basic, complete, perfect coordinates, you will have a much stronger start and not come off looking like an ita.  Then, this basic understanding of what Lolita is, you can start tweeking it.

Secret Three) Fitting in isn’t just about your fashion.
Going to your first meet-up can be scary.  (I’ll admit, meeting a new community is intimidating!)  But there is one thing that stands out the most to me about being a newbie and meeting newbies: don’t be a special snowflake.  I was highly aware of this the first time I met the North Carolitas because I wore handmade, and I didn’t want to be perceived as having a special snowflake attitude because “I made this!”  As I have said before, I love brand and I love sewing, so it gives me different ways to build my wardrobe.  I love it when new Lolitas come to a meet-up and they are clearly excited, not only to be wearing Lolita in public but also to be meeting others with the same fashion interest.  The biggest turn-off isn’t a Lolita who has no brand or no petticoat, but the Lolita who prides herself on having no brand or no petticoat.

Humility is the secret.

Ask for help from local Lolitas or on EGL!  Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism on Daily Lolita!  Never assume you understand Lolita, there is always some hidden gem from 2005 that you can learn about the fashion’s history.  Lolita is a fashion first, but an attitude to learn is more attractive than the latest print.

And another little secret surprise!  Here is me at my first meet-up!

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