A Little Fairy Cottage

I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a cutter for SEWquirkygrrrl’s Tina Given’s fabric pop-up shop last month and got some really cute fabric! Although I have been busy busy busy sewing those ball gowns, I have been blessed to also find some break time to sew for myself. For whatever reason, sewing for a job makes me more motivated to sew for myself…even though it’s more sewing. I like sewing.


So far, I have made three out of the four garments, but only have pictures of two so far! First, my more recent project, is the Fairy Cottage dress! Continue reading

NaNoWriMo has Taken Over.

It’s NaNoWriMo.

And somehow I’m already winning!  Just goes to prove that preparing for months and over analyzing your plot and notes really does pay off.  As of today, I have written around 58K and my aim is around 75K, though at this rate, it might be pushing towards 85K.  It’s getting close to the end, but there is still a lot that has to happen.  I’m so excited to finish and start editing!  I’ll be sure to share snippets from time to time.

Here is my…erm, summary?  It’s really just an introduction to the world.

The Keeper of Ailenor.  The fate giver of Eviryia.  Whomever she kisses gains unknown power over his enemies to claim peace for the kingdom, reigning with wisdom.  The Keeper’s task is to find the true king among the people, no matter how long it takes.  For a purpose such as this, the Keeper is immortal, undying until she completes her quest or fails.  If she were to deny fate and empower a false king, whether by force or by will, a dark shadow would fall over the capital, Ailenor.  The false king would be given this unknown power until his death and the birth of a new Keeper.  Until then, Eviryia would be at the mercy of a tyrant.  The Keeper, upon failing her life quest, would perish and her soul would not have peace until the true king ruled Eviryia once again.
And so, daughters of Keepers have guided the throne of Ailenor with diligence and perseverance for ages and Eviryia has lived in an era of peace.  But fate grows weary when it waits upon destiny.

Anyways, as a little NaNo tid-bit, I thought I’d share my current inspiration playlist for this novel!

Angels on the Moon – Thriving Ivory
Stand in the Rain – Superchic[k]
Powerless – Linkin Park
Come Find Me – Marie Digby
Gone Gone Gone – Phillip Phillips
A Drop in the Ocean – Ron Pope
Canvas – Imogen Heap
Kings And Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars
Not Enough – Avril Lavigne
Poison & Wine – Civil Wars
Safe & Sound – Taylor Swift (ft. Civil Wars)
State of Grave – Taylor Swift
She’s So High – Tal Bachman
Where We Belong – Thriving Ivory
Ours – The Bravery
A Twist in My Story – Secondhand Serenade
Fix You – Coldplay
Streets of Glory – Paloma Faith

Are you doing NaNo?  What’s your playlist look like?

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So, that’s been my life this first week of November and it has been quite excited, though little sewing.
I am working on a commission now though and once I get my new camera this weekend, I’ll upload some pictures so you can guess what cosplay it is 😉

Still around?  Here is a wedding sneak peak!  The photos finally came!


Photo by the lovely and amazing Kristin Shyla Photography.

Lolita Blog Carnival: Adding Off-Brand to Your Lolita

Shorting after posting ‘Witchcraft!‘ the Lolita Blog Carnival topic of the week was released, and it tied in quite nicely:

Tips for Adding Off-Brand to a Lolita Wardrobe.

And by off-brand, it doesn’t mean Bodyline or Taobao, it means the non-Lolita kind of off-brand.

Img_0971 Img_0950 1118011318
IMG_2023 d (1)

I looked through my dailies and found a couple of examples of my more ‘off-brand’ coordinates.  Jackets are a big thing for me.  Cute cut denim jackets (Macy’s), cropped leather jackets (Charlotte Russe), or hoodies (Delia’s) for chilly days.  Sweaters and simple button-up camisoles are another great item I love.  With a cardigan or jacket, cute cotton camies can be great for a summer casual coordinate.  I have one pictured her twice from Dillard’s, but I also have some cute bustier-style ones from Charlotte Russe.

  Belts and shoes are a really big item that you can find in non-Lolita stores that work well with coordinates.  Here, I feature boots from the thrift store, flats from Payless and belts and heels from Black House|White Market.  Legwear and shoes is another thing that is really easy to find in non-Lolita stores, and a lot of them are quite cute!  I love me some legwarmers for the winter time; these are from Claire’s and Kohl’s.  The tights picture are all from Forever 21, you can’t tell but they have really cute designs!

Of course, the last thing that is off-brand that I constantly add to any coordinate is jewelry.  Easy, yes.  I’m sure you guessed it before I said it.  Charming Charlie’s is one of my favorite stores for jewelry, and it’s sorted by color *WOW*.  Forever 21 and Claire’s also have affordable jewelry if you can find the right things to ft your style.

IMG_2210 IMG_2211i

To wrap up this post, I wanted to share today’s coordiante, which I put together inspired by this weeks theme.  It is very celtic-steampunk-punk-esque.  Haha.  Here, the ONLY “Lolita” item is the skirt.  Here is a rundown of the outfit:

Jacket: Wet Seal
Bustier: Charlotte Russe
T-Shirt: Kohl’s
Socks: Gifted
Boots: LineLight/Rack Room Shoes
Jewelry: Gifted & Forever 21
Camisole: Aerie (Not Picture – cream lace)
Tights: Gifted (Not Pictured – brown fishnets)

So that’s how I do it.  I hope it sparked some ideas for your wardrobe!  If it did, be sure to share!

Here are blogs with more thoughts on this topic: jessiedressesup | ramble rori | let them eat cake | art du noir | derpland | geisha baby | masquerade doll | lace a la mode | tanged lace | the bloody tea party

Off the Loli-Train

Not all Lolitas wear Lolita all the time.  There are always days when it is too hard, too cold, too busy, too dirty or we just get too lazy to put together a coordinate.  But you never get to see those days!  Of course, there are always the times when you look like you just rolled out of  bed and went out into the world…we keep those to ourselves.  I’m talking about the days  without a petticoat and still a lot of style.  Here are a few shots of what I wear when I’m not wearing Lolita:

IMG_2209  IMG_2062 Img_1770 Img_1695 Img_1585 Img_0346

I have a couple of things that I wear a lot, like my light gray and dark gray skinny jeans, those lacy dresses and my checkered mini skirt.  I also tend to throw a lot of Lolita elements into these looks, especially shoes and socks.  A lot of shoes and socks.  Non-Lolita days aren’t ugly days.  They are just days when I get to show a different side of myself that doesn’t involve petticoats.

What about you?  What do your non-Lolita days look like?