Gathered Front Bodice


I finally landed on a design for my Tina Givens Fairy Bear fabric, and it will provide me with a few tutorials to share with you:
-Gathered Front Bodice (that’s this post!)
-Lined Bodice
-Whatever Else Pops Up 😉

In this blog, I’ll be doing a tutorial for the design on the front of the dress:
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Patterns! Skirt Gores

I finally got some new fabric to make a dress!  Yay me!  I’m beyond excited, after having sewn several commissions, I’m ready to make something for me again.
I’m going to call it “Paris by the Sea”.  Yeah, I’m freak’n excited to sew.

While I was getting all of my pattern notes (on the right of the picture above) and patterned out my skirt, I thought “this might be helpful for fellow handmade Lolitas”.  While I do have a video tutorial and a high-waisted skirt tutorial, a basic Skirt Gores tutorial seemed like it was long overdue.
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Tea Break

 So much to do!

I haven’t had too much time to sew and my current project – a pretty classic dress with raglan sleeves (why did I think that would be fun=pain) – but I had to stop by JoAnn’s with a friend and stumbled upon the most gorgeous fabric.  Prepare yourself.


So…I bought 3 yards.  Enough to make a pretty skirt and some bows to match.  And it will be simple enough that I can take some little breaks from my bonnet for millinery class


and my sleeves for my tailoring class


to sew a little for me and make a pretty, new Lolita tea skirt.

Here is what my pattern looks like, Photoshop Edition:

tea skirt pattern

I’ll throw a simple 1.5″ waistband on it and some trim.  Yeah!  Sewing is fun.