Ruffles, Ruffles Everywhere!

I am finally finishing my high-waisted Butterfly Sonnet skirt.  Which I didn’t finish for so long because I made a major derp and cut out the skirt with the butterflies flying downwards :P.  And even after consciously telling myself over and over again, I also accidentally sewed on the ruffle with the butterflies upside down.  Therefore, I am renaming this skirt

The Derp Skirt.

Despite that, I present the promised tutorial for Applied Ruffles.  This is the kind of ruffle that is placed onto the garment, not seamed to it, so that you have both the ruffle and a header (the top of the ruffle).


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Zipper in a Bag

This blog post – and the last tutorial from my Caramel Mocha Swirl set – is another Zipper! Tutorial!  Previously, I have talked about bagged out garments and how that works.  This post deals with how to put zippers into backed out garments.  In my CMS Bodice, the entire thing is bag-lined, but I need a way to get into it!  So I am going to put a zipper in the center back!  Using this method, you will be able to see the zipper, so make sure you color match – or contrast!  Also, be careful to note if your zipper will need to be separating!  In this garment, the zipper does need to be.

Here is the zipper this tutorial shows you how to do!


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Peek-a-Boo Ruffle

Ruffles!  They are a thing in Lolita.  There are several different kinds of ruffles, but the kind that I am applying to my Caramel Mocha Skirt is a hem ruffle, or a peek-a-boo ruffle.  It’s a small ruffle that comes out from under the hem but is not attached to a lining.

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