Halloween is right around the corner and usually I ignore preparations for this holiday and pull out my good and trust Alice Lolita if the opportunity to dress up presents itself.

But this year, my husband and I will be attending a super Halloween party, complete with costume contests, and the pressure is on. This, partnered with my interest in making some RenFest costumes, seemed like some good motivation to build costumes for my husband and myself.

Lately, I’ve been busy sewing two commissions (four garments total), altering many, many bridesmaid dresses, and designing and building costumes for “Through the Looking Glass”. Aside from sewing things, I have also been editing my second novel, The Varken, and working out the kinks of the musical my husband and I wrote. There hasn’t been much time to sew on personal projects.

So when the Halloween party invite showed up on Facebook, I thought I should take advantage of the occasion and use up some of my fabric hording (since upholstery fabric usually isn’t best for Lolita. Continue reading

The Fairy Bear Dress

I will do a proper photoshoot of this dress on the dressform to show off all the little things, but I wore it to our theatre’s Open House and I’m certainly in love with this one! The color, pattern, style and all the little trimmings come together so well for this dress. And I probably paid a total of $5 to make it. Yay for bargain finds and bartering!